Black & Gold.

Blazer: Chancellor; Shirt: I forgot; Pants and Boots: Folded & Hung

Formal Affair.

This is a super delayed post. I wore this last month to a friend’s 18th birthday, the attire was formal so I broke out the ol’ blazer. I only realized that night that it didn’t really fit as well as I wanted to. It’s the only one I have so far though, so yeah. It was quite cheap for a suit jacket, actually. Bought it for P2,600 if I remember correctly. The cuff and most of the rings are gifts and the tie came free with the shirt (yeah, I’m cheap like that).

Aaand, since prom is just around the corner, I think this post is actually quite on time. Maybe I should make something like a guide for guys on what to wear for prom. hmm. I was actually thinking of wearing something along the lines of this outfit to my prom, so.. yeah. I feel like most guys just go to an outfit archetype for formal events, and they just conform. Nu-uh. You can be fashion and still abide by the dress code. A lot of ways to do this, so maybe in another post. I hope I remember.